Moving Day for The Nanny From Hell - Finally!

INSIDE EDITION was there as movers took away the belongings of the nanny who just would not leave her owner's home.

It's moving day for the nanny from Hell.

INSIDE EDITION was there exclusively as movers took away everything belonging to the nanny who just wouldn't leave.

The home's owner Marcella Bracamonte told INSIDE EDITION, “We're going to be moving her things today. It's 9:26 in the morning.”

The drama started earlier this year when Marcella hired 64-year-old Diane Stretton to be the live in nanny to her three children. When things didn't work out, Marcella gave her a notice saying "I hereby inform you, you are fired."

The nanny refused to leave, claiming she was a legal tenant in their California home. After a long legal battle the nanny gave up and vacated the home, leaving all her possessions in a tiny bedroom.

Marcella is taking an inventory of the items the nanny left behind, saying, “Taking inventory, because I don't want her to say I took anything.”

Her eldest son videotaped the move so the nanny could never accuse them of breaking her stuff.

Marcella showed INSIDE EDITION what was in the former nanny's room. There were clothes in the closet, mouthwash, a suitcase, and bags of stuff.

"This is how she left it. It is pretty muggy and stinky in here,” said Marcella.

Legally Marcella can't throw the items out, so she is having the movers she hired at her own expense take them to a storage facility that Marcella has to pay for.

After the movers had taken away the nanny's possessions, Marcella entered the empty room. She said, “I am so scared to come in here."

Even though the nanny is gone, Marcella says she still casts a long dark shadow in her home, saying, “As far as I see it, she's, in a way, like a vampire and she hasn't yet drained us.”

Fortunately the Bracamonte’s didn't have to pay the storage fees for long.  The nanny has now picked up her belongings.