Gwen Stefani Predicted Her Own Emmy Flub

Gwen Stefani told INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville on the Emmys red carpet that she might mess up reading the teleprompter, and sure enough, she did.

Gwen Stefani is laughing off that embarrasing flub at the Emmys when she mispronounced winner Stephen Colbert's last name, saying "The Col-bort Report." 

Stefani poked fun at herself during the final episode of Chelsea Lately by misprouncing Chelsea Handler's last name, saying, "My good friend, Chelsea Hammer." 

And get this! Before the award show, Stefani actually predicted she'd blow it when she spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville on the red carpet, "I am quite bad at reading teleprompters, so hopefully I'll mess up."

She sure did!

And, did edgy comic Sarah Silverman coordinate her dark green Emmy's dress to match, well, what was in her purse?

Silverman told reporters on the red carpet, "This is my pot. It's liquid pot."

Yep, the Emmy winner was carrying a vapor pen, filled with concentrated marijuana oil inside her gold clutch. It's legal since the 43-year-old has a medical marijuana prescription.  

Meantime, Lena Dunham was photographed looking glum as she walked through LAX on Tuesday.  Some say her grim expression is because she landed on many Worst Dressed lists for wearing her cotton candy confection.

You may not want to be seen in Dunham's dress, but there are a few red hot Emmy dresses that you can get for a whole lot less. Just watch our fashion finds!