Extreme Eating At The Baseball Park

INSIDE EDITION goes to baseball stadiums where extreme eating trends have fans chowing down on high-calorie, gut-busting food.

Forget about peanuts and Crackerjacks! The great American pastime has turned into the great American feeding frenzy.

At Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, why top a world-famous Dodger dog with just a little mustard, when you can take that same dog and smother it with mac and cheese and then finish it with Fritos for some crunchy goodness.    

Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Jason Cingley told INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano, “Baseball's no longer about hot dogs and peanuts anymore. It's a revolution.”

See More of the Delicious Food at Dodger Stadium

Recano visited the stadium for a pre-game snack.

This year, ball parks across the country are tempting fans with gut-busting menu items like a baseball helmet loaded with nachos. It will set you back about 1,500 calories. Or for a lighter, option the bacon-wrapped, fully-loaded hotdog.

One family chowed down on barbecued brisket sandwiches, which was slow cooked for 18 hours.
Even the veggies are loaded. A Mexican-style corn on the cob was slathered with cheese and spices.

One fan said, “If you can come to a ballpark and get food like this, besides a hot dog, I’d rather have this. This is great!”

Over at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, you can chow down on the four pound "Fan Versus Food Burger." It's served with a pound of fries. But the burger alone has 3,600 calories.

In Milwaukee, you can tackle "The Beast.” It's grilled bratwurst cut in half and stuffed with a grilled hot dog, wrapped in bacon and served on a pretzel roll.

Our favorite comes from Pittsburgh. It is called “The Closer,” a grilled cheese sandwich with nine different cheeses and candied bacon.

If you're crying foul at all the gluttony, most ballparks also offer lighter fan fare like fruit bowls, salads, and sushi.

Chef Cingley said, “They are here for the game, but ultimately I would love them to say 'I'm coming to Dodger Stadium just for the food.'”