Lindsay Lohan Gets Jail Sentence

Lindsay Lohan breaks down in court as she is sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation. Will this help the Hollywood party girl overcome her troubles, or will it push her over the edge? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

There's stunned reaction to Lindsay Lohan's defiant message in court.

The troubled actress literally thumbed her nose at the judge, showing up with an expletive phrase, "[expletive deleted] u," written on her middle finger nail, painted over pastel nail polish.

Lindsay repeatedly flashed the rebellious fingernail note as she buried her face in her hands, pleading with the judge for leniency and sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'm not taking this as a joke. It's my life," exclaimed Lohan to the judge.

But it was Judge Marsha Revel who got the last word, sentencing the sobbing starlet to 90 days in jail and 90 more days of mandatory rehab.

CBS Legal Analyst Trent Copeland said, "Lindsay violated her probation up, down, and sideways. Every which way you could imagine. Here's a court that really had been fed up with her and what the judge was trying to say is, 'Listen, I've had enough.' "

The strict sentence is making front page news. The New York Daily News says "Jail-o For Lilo!" and the New York Post blares "Hard Time!"

Lindsay has been ordered to surrender on July 20th and be put behind bars at Lynwood detention facility, where Paris Hilton famously served jail time.

Lindsay will have her own cell at the detention facility, segregated from the rest of the jail population. Like other non-violent female offenders, she is expected to serve only 25 percent of her sentence, for a total of 23 days.  Family members can visit her on weekends.  And though prison food may not be up to her liking, her family can send her treats like Oreo cookies, doughnuts and Ramen noodles through the inmate care package program.

Lindsay's little sister Ali, who was in court, is said to be "inconsolable."  Her mother Dina was photographed today rushing to Lindsay's side right from the airport with her luggage after flying in from New York. Her estranged father Michael Lohan says he wants Lindsay to go straight to rehab, not jail.

"Go into a program right now and get off the prescription meds and show the judge she's serious about it, because she not going to be able to get off them in county jail," said Michael Lohan.

Addiction specialist Dr. Charles Sophy said, "This judge is in the process of starting to save Lindsay Lohan's life.  If she were my patient, I would want her to have some jail time to understand that whole process and the ownership of her behavior. I think the bulk of it should be in actual treatment."

And there are new questions about whether Lindsay was telling the whole truth during her day of courtroom drama when she said, "I was working, mostly in Morocco, the trip I was working with children. It wasn't a vacation. It wasn't some sort of a joke."

Lindsay tearfully told the judge that she missed one of her required alcohol education classes because she was working with children in Morocco last November. But video footage of Lindsay in Morocco shows her at a star-studded opening of a new luxury resort.

Others are calling Lindsay an "emotional trainwreck" because of her dramatic gestures displayed in court, switching from throwing her head back in exhaustion to putting up her fists, ready for a fight, and finally, absolute heartbreak.

"She showed signals of deception. She was lying when she was speaking. She was arrogant. She was hostile. And she had no clue that she was about to go to jail," body language expert Lillian Glass said.

And there's a photo of the copious notes that Lindsay was ferociously taking during testimony.  She even dated the page and wrote that she was at the Beverly Hills courthouse.

But it's the subtle message on her fingernail that spoke the loudest.