Mistaken Identity Targets Wrong Girl in Accidental Uzi Killing

That accidental killing of a shooting instructor by a nine-year-old has now resulted in an upsetting case of mistaken identity for another young child. INSIDE EDITION explains.

INSIDE EDITION is now learning about a terrible case of mistaken identity involving the nine-year-old girl who accidentally killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi.

The girl in the video is from New Jersey and has not been identified. But many people erroneously speculated it was another nine-year-old that was also from New Jersey.

Her name is Shyanne Roberts and she's a nationally-known competitive shooter.

Shyanne Roberts was mistaskenly identified. Her father says she is not the girl in the video that has shocked the nation. Her father told CBS News, "It is a tragedy, it really is. It is not in any way, in my opinion, an indictment on firearms in general or children with firearms."

Shyanne's dad, Dan Roberts, said he got about 30 calls from people asking if the girl in the video was Shyanne. He told everyone it was not.

Police are shielding the identity of the girl depicted at the gun range in Arizona. The cell phone video was taken by her parents.

A national debate over children shooting automatic weapons is now front and center.

INSIDE EDITION’s Facebook had over 105,000 views immediately after we posted the story Wednesday.  

“Why would anyone teach a child how to shoot an Uzi?” Is one typical viewer comment.

But not every viewer agrees. One person wrote, “People can find negative things about kids and guns as we can also find positive things by teaching kids proper gun safety.”

Now, everyone is concerned that the nine-year-old girl may be traumatized for life by the horrific accident.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere, professor at Touro College. He said, "She is going to have flashbacks, anxiety associated with anything having to do with guns or shooting guns. It is going to be a very, very difficult road for her."