Monster Waves Pound Both Coasts

Tropical Storm Marie has pushed massive waves to the California Coast, attracting spectators and keeping lifeguards on their toes. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Incredible scenes from California as thousands of spectators who have gathered to watch the massive waves that are pounding the state's beaches.

Parts of the shore have become so crowded with wave-watchers, some people had to park two miles inland and hike to the water's edge.

And it's not just spectators. By Thursday morning, over 100 surfers were at a point in Malibu alone to try and catch a record-breaking wave.

Lifeguards have their hands full as they have to haul swimmers to safety. The enormous waves and undertow are due to Tropical Storm Marie and they are dangerous for anyone but the experienced swimmers.

Meteorologist Josh Rubenstein told INSIDE EDITION, "Even experienced surfers are having a tough time because they are getting pushed around out there, their boards are being broken. So, it is that force of the water that is coming on shore that is making it dangerous."

Residents are building enormous sand barricades to try to prevent flooding. But for now, wave-watching has become the latest spectator sport.