Swatting Prank Nearly Ends In Tragedy For Colorado Gamer

A 911 call of a massacre taking place sent a SWAT team into a video gamer's office while he was playing online with other players, and it was all caught on video. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Guns blazed during an online computer game. Suddenly, it was game over, and the action became all too real.

A police SWAT team burst into the room where a guy was playing and took him down, shouting, "Get your hands up! Get down on the ground! Get on the ground! Put your hands behind your back!"

Someone called 911 to report a full scale massacre was taking place in an office building where Jordan Matthewson was playing the computer game Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

Suddenly, he heard cops bursting in and said, "What in the world? I think we're being swatted!"

It's a prank called swatting, and in this case, it could have ended tragically.

The call was taken very, very seriously because this is Littleton Colorado, where the Columbine school massacre took place 15 years ago.

An officer asked Matthewson, "What about this is funny to you?"

"What? I'm not doing anything that's funny!" replied Matthewson.

Jordan Matthewson is a member of a gaming group called The Creatures. Their games are streamed live to thousands of subscribers, many of whom watched the arrest as it unfolded on their computers. He says the hoaxer could have been any of the thousands of gamers watching him play.

Police quickly realized this is a case of swatting, as one officer noticed the whole arrest was being caught on camera.

Now, the search is on for the hoaxer who brought terror to a town already touched by tragedy.