Diane Sawyer Says Goodbye to Anchor Chair, Hello To Next Chapter

Diane Sawyer ended her five year run as World News anchor with a message to viewers that she's not going far, and not slowing down. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Diane Sawyer said goodbye last night to ABC World News, telling viewers, "I just want you to know what a deep privilege it has been to sit in the anchor chair at World News these years, the flagship broadcast at ABC."

Sawyer is leaving ABC's World News after five years in the anchor chair. She told viewers, "On a personal note, as I said, I'm not going far--down the hall, up the stairs and I am not slowing down."

She'll now head an investigative unit and  work on specials for the network. David Muir will take over for Sawyer.

"He is my friend and you are in strong and steady hands," said Sawyer.

Sawyer is 68 years old and has had a storied career. She was the first woman on 60 Minutes. Sawyer  started out as a press aid in Richard Nixon's White House. She was also America's Junior Miss in the eary 60's. Sawyer is married to film director Mike Nichols.

Sawyer told viewers, "To Mike and the four grandchildren and their perfect parents, I look forward to being home early for a few dinners again."