Suitgate - Obama's Tan Suit Controversy

INSIDE EDITION has the latest details on the “Hottest Trending Topic” – President Obama’s tan summer suit he wore at a press conference.

President Obama had a lot of important issues to discuss at a recent press conference, but believe it or not, the big question on many minds was 'what's with that tan suit?'

More than 4,000 people tweeted about the president's unusually light-colored suit during the opening minutes of his press conference.

One tweet read, "Obama vows to defeat whoever made him wear this suit."

Another person tweeted, "This is what happens when Obama bypasses Congress to purchase a suit."

Good Morning America said, "Some presidential critics are saying, 'Yes We Tan!'"

The suit is a color known as "taupe", inspiring CNN's Jake Tapper to tweet, "The audacity of taupe."

Some also said the suit looked a little baggy.

Matt Lauer said on the Today show, "It didn't fit the way some of his other suits fit."

Social media expert Cooper Lawrence told INSIDE EDITION, "People are very upset with him over that tan suit because it denotes casual and we are not living in a casual time right now."

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest played it for laughs, saying, "The president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit at yesterday's news conference."

So, what about that suit? INSIDE EDITION has learned it was fitted by George de Paris, the president's longtime Washington D.C. tailor.

INSIDE EDITION asked another prominent tailor, Varun Ghandi, what he thought of all the fuss.

Ghandi said, "He should have gone with his usual navies or charcoals. That would have been a better choice."

Clearly, the social media frenzy proved that many Americans think serious issues call for a dark suit, but is the reaction way over the top? One tweet may have hit the nail on the head. It read, "Obama is talking about ISIS, Ukraine, immigration and more. You know, "news." Yet people are talking about a tan suit."

Real news did come out of the press conference, highlighted by a stunning admission about Islamic terrorists taking over huge chunks of Syria and Iraq.

Obama admitted, "We don't have a strategy yet."

A newly-released video from ISIS showed more than two hundred Syrian soldiers were being marched in their underwear to their deaths.

With all this going on, British Prime Minister David Cameron was fearing the worst.

Cameron said, "The Joint Terrorism Analysis Center has increased the threat level from substantial to severe."

With the world in crisis, it seemed the color of the president's suit should have been the last thing on anyone's mind.