Is Brad and Angelina's Marriage Legal?

As details continue to emerge about Brad and Angelina’s wedding, the big question is if the union was really legal? INSIDE EDITION explains.

Angelina and her new hubby, Brad, enjoyed a working honeymoon on the island of Malta, where they were shooting a movie together since they fell in love on Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005.

INISIDE EDITION learned new details about their top-secret wedding held at their chateau in France. The boys and Brad were dressed in matching cream-colored linen suits. Daughters Vivienne and Zahara threw flower petals. Shiloh and Knox were the ring bearers.

But some legal experts raised issues about the ceremony. Is it possible that their marriage was actually not legal?

The couple got a California marriage license and flew a California judge to France to officiate the ceremony. But INSIDE EDITION expert Royal Oakes said that may not be legal, saying, "Brad and Angelina are not legally married in California because the law says a California judge has no power to perform marriages except if it's done in the state."

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And they were not married under French law either.

Oakes said, "According to French Authorities, you have to be a French civil authority to perform a French marriage,"

Now, it seems Brad and Angelina will have to get married again, perhaps this time in California, before they can officially call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Pitt.