Clues in Latest Beheading Video

INSIDE EDITION reports on just-released video of the beheading of another American journalist at the hands of the terror group ISIS.

Another American journalist has been beheaded by terrorists.

Fox News said, "We are sorry to tell you that it apparently has happened again."

Wolf Blitzer on CNN said, "CNN has now confirmed that the American freelance journalist, Steven Sotloff, 31 years old, has been beheaded."

The ISIS butchers released a new video of the execution of Steven Sotloff, a freelance reporter for Time magazine who lived in Miami.

The video looked sickeningly familiar. It was a replica of the beheading of journalist James Foley, just two weeks ago.

The video offers tantalizing hints to the identity of the butcher.

Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky of John Jay College of Criminal Justice told INSIDE EDITION, "There are some things that we can generate from this, this tape to help us identify whoever did this."

The video had high production values. Like Foley, Steven Sotloff wore an orange jumpsuit and was kneeling. His executioner was again dressed in black and holding a knife. Like Foley’s executioner, he was a lefty and spoke with a British accent. It certainly sounded like the monster that killed Foley.

Dr. Kobilinsky said, "Now, we have a little more information than we had before. I do think this is the same person who committed the same murder."

Video of Sotloff from two weeks ago showed him with a shaved head and no beard. The beheading video, obtained Tuesday, was obviously shot at a different time.  His hair was growing in and he had grown a beard.

Dr. Kobilinsky said, "This is presumably taken after the first killing. Not at the same time."

You'll recall that Sotloff's mother released a heartbreaking video pleading with ISIS for her son's life last week.

In the video she said, "We want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him."

Tragically, that plea fell on deaf ears.

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