What Went Wrong? Top Doc Shows How Joan Rivers' Routine Procedure Could Have Became a Medical Crisis

INSIDE EDITION speaks to a top doctor about the possible outcome for Joan Rivers, who stopped breathing during a routine endoscopy. 

Doctors are preparing to bring legendary comedienne Joan Rivers out of her medically-induced coma.

Only then will we find out if the 81-year-old's brain function has been damaged by her medical crisis. Rivers has been on life support at a hospital in New York since last Thursday. The question now is whether she will be left in a vegetative state.

Daughter Melissa Rivers released a statement saying: “We are keeping our fingers crossed."

Rivers went into cardiac arrest at a private clinic in Manhattan. She was having an endoscopy, a procedure meant to determine why she was having trouble with her vocal chords.

Many are asking what went wrong.

Dr. Jonathan Aviv is a specialist in endoscopies. In one form of the procedure, he uses a flexible camera and gains access via the patient's nose.

The patient may be awake in some endoscopies and in others the patient could be under anesthesia, as Rivers reportedly was.

Dr. Aviv told INSIDE EDITION about one potential difficulty in examining the vocal chords.

"When you have procedures in and around that vocal chord area, it can suddenly shut tight. And when it shuts tight, it's very difficult sometimes to re-establish breathing and the airway,” Dr. Aviv explained.

So, what’s next for Joan Rivers?

"One of the most hopeful signs is the patient responding to a command: move your finger, wiggle your toe, move your leg, raise your eyebrows. Very, very basic functions," Dr. Aviv said.

Meanwhile, Rivers’ beloved dogs are having to cope without her too. One of them was spotted being walked Monday, while the other was being carried.

For now, for Rivers’ family, friends and fans, the prayers continue.