'Fonzie Baby' Gives Thumbs Up in Womb

An ultrasound image shows a baby inside the womb giving a thumb's up sign. INSIDE EDITION has more on the latest remarkable image.

In a recent ultra-cool ultrasound image, INSIDE EDITION was wowed by a fetus doing a thumbs-up, just like Fonzie!

The image of the "Fonzie fetus" was recorded during a routine, 18-week check-up. And it's not the first time INSIDE EDITION has been impressed by images in the womb.

In another remarkable image, a fetus is seen smiling in his 27th week in the womb.

You've heard of sibling rivalry, but in the womb? Another set of amazing images show one fetal twin kicking the other!

And in another picturesque moment, a tiny fetus seems to be yawning in the womb.

As far as the Fonzie fetus goes, we've learned he's one of twins. We're betting that after he is born, his first word might be the Happy Days character’s infamous “Whoa!”