Four Weddings and One Busy Family

What are the chances that four siblings would fall in love and get married on the same day? For this family, the chances proved extraordinary. INSIDE EDITION explains.

The Fortney's are three sisters and one brother and they all got married on the same day.

That’s right, four weddings, four engagement rings, eight “I Do's,” and one humongous reception with nearly a thousand guests.

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Grace Fortney told INSIDE EDITION, “It was just a long line.”

It all started when Jessica Fortney got engaged, then, sister, Meagan. The sisters planned a double wedding. But then, Grace got her ring and it became a triple wedding. Then, big brother Marcus popped the question to his girlfriend, turning it into a quadruple.

Grace says planning four ceremonies all at once was done with military precision, saying, “We kind of all agreed on certain colors and then, as far as our dresses, we all just tried to go with what we wanted.”

You'd expect mom to be the one crying, but it was dad Kevin who was left with empty pockets after paying for it all.

He said, “I remember thinking ‘I’m going to spend more money on this wedding than I made my first two years out of college.’”

There's one thing these siblings and best friends wouldn't do. They honeymooned separately.

There's no doubt that these four couples in love will live happily ever after.