Anna Chapman May Be Freed in International Spy Swap

According to published reports, the woman accused of being a Russian spy and her comrades may soon be released as part of an international spy swap. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The infamous redhead accused of spying for Moscow may be freed within days, along with other accused members of the spy ring.

Published reports say Anna Chapman and the nine other defendants will be swapped for up to 11 accused U.S. spies being held in Russia.

The U.S. spies include nuclear physicist Igor Sutyagin, who was convicted of passing nuclear weapons secrets to the West and sentenced to 15 years in an arctic prison camp.

The reports say an exchange could happen any day.

Chapman and the others have denied being spies, but for the exchange to take place they would have to admit guilt and agree to deportation.

FBI and State Department officials declined to comment on the story.