'He Pulled a Gun On Me!' Elvis' Fiancée Reveals Shocking Details

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Elvis' last love, Ginger Alden, who revealed shocking details about her relationship with The King.

It's the Elvis love story you have probably never heard.

Her name is Ginger Alden and she was Elvis’ fiancée when he died in 1977. Now, nearly 37 years later, she's revealing secrets about her life with The King

She told INSIDE EDITION, “For me, it was true love.”

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Ginger met Elvis in November of 1976. She and her sister who had just won Miss Tennessee were invited to Graceland. But it was Ginger who caught Elvis' eye. She was 20. The King was 41.

She said, “We were all just sitting, talking, looking at him and he turns to me and he turned his head like this, raised his eyes back up and he says, ‘Ginger you're burning a hole right through me.’”

The two ended up in his bedroom that night but not for what you might think.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, “That same evening we ended up reading together.”

Trent asked, “You're in his bedroom that first night and he's reading to you. Were you ever nervous?”

“It was funny. He picked up this big book and he said it represented God and there were some symbols of fire and rain and wind. All of a sudden, he hands it to me and he wanted me to read to him and I was very nervous because I could tell he was just watching me,” she said.

On their second date, Elvis whisked Ginger to Las Vegas on his private plane. Just two months later, they were engaged.

In her new book, Elvis and Ginger she wrote about his mood swings that Ginger believe were caused by the multiple sleep medications he took every night.

Once, Elvis pulled out a gun!

Trent said, “He wanted you to get yogurt, you didn't get up and get it. He took a shot above the headboard.”

“Yeah,” she replied.

Trent asked, “Were you frightened for your life?”

“I wasn't frightened for my life, but I knew it was the mood swings then. I knew it was the medication,” she said.

Ginger was in the audience during a performance in June of 1977, when Elvis introduced her from the stage. She still has the enormous ring on her finger that she wore on that performance.

Trent said, “That's a lot of diamonds in there.”

Ginger said, “These are beautiful.”

Just two months after the performance, Elvis was dead. Ginger was the last person to see Elvis alive. Her last words to him now seem eerily prophetic.

She said, “I told him not to fall asleep in the bathroom.”

The King's last words were "Okay, I won't."

She confirmed the rumor that Elvis was in the bathroom on the toilet where he suffered a heart attack.
“I knocked on his door, called his name and opened the door and I saw him,” she said.

After Elvis’ death, Ginger got married and had a son, but she will always cherish her days with The King.