Is ISIS Using 'Homeland' To Recruit Terrorists?

Some experts are saying ISIS is mimicking slick American TV shows like Homeland to recruit terrorists. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did the barbaric ISIS video of journalist Steven Sotloff's beheading mimic the hit TV show Homeland?

Homeland's opening credits use special effects and a news clip of President Obama. Looking at the ISIS video, it also begins with a special effect and an Obama moment speaking at a press conference, saying, "We will be vigilant and we will be relentless."

Both Homeland and ISIS also use Arabic subtitles and end in the same way, cutting to a black screen.

Experts believe ISIS is copying slick American TV production techniques to recruit terrorists from the West.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Aki Peritz, former CIA counterterrorism analyst and now a professor at American University:

Peritz said, "These guys actually watched Homeland and they know that the American public actually watches Homeland. Therefore, they're trying to merge the two together and to really create a splash."

We're also learning that Steven Sotloff's family waged a desperate campaign to conceal his Jewish heritage and his dual U.S. - Israeli citizenship while he was being held hostage.

The New York Post's front page headline: "Secret Jew."  

"Being Jewish in the Middle East, and being held by one of the most hardcore Jihadi groups out there is bascially a death sentence," said Peritz.

Outside his home near Miami, Sotloff's grieving father, Arthur, held a photo of himself and his son.

Sotloff's mother, Shirley, was seen for the first time since she made her vain plea for mercy.

And Vice President Joe Biden issued this stark warning to the ISIS butchers, saying, "They should know we'll follow you to the gates of Hell until they are brought to justice, because Hell is where they will reside."