Dog Woofs Down 43 Socks

Dogs love to get into just about anything, and this Great Dane proved it by eating 43 socks. INSIDE EDITION has more.

This three-year-old Great Dane wasn't feeling so hot.

Veterinarian Ashley McGee told INSIDE EDITION, "He wasn't eating. He was vomiting, shaking, and he had a very distended abdomen."

So McGee took some x-rays. The problem became pretty dog gone clear.

"We took him to surgery and did an abdominal exploratory, opened up his stomach and started removing these socks, one after one after one. They just kept coming," explained McGee.

That's right, the Great Dane had ingested 43 socks. The x-ray showed the socks bunched inside his stomach. 

The Dane's family in Oregon has two other dogs. By the looks of a photo with tissue scattered all over a room, they sure are a handful.

The dog is A-ok. But this image is further proof  that dogs will gobble down just about anything.

McGee said, "Dogs like to eat dirty laundry."