Nicest Kid In America Hands Foul Ball To Young Girl

Twelve-year-old Ryan Gans captured the nation’s heart when he gave his lucky foul ball catch to the young girl sitting behind him. INSIDE EDITION speaks to Ryan and his family.

This little guy is the toast of the nation today.

Twelve-year-old Ryan Gans got a foul ball at a Boston Red Sox game this weekend. So, what did he do? He turned around and gave it to the young girl sitting behind him, a total stranger.

The game's announcer said, "Isn't that nice. Somebody's made a friend. Look at her face!"

The little girl's mom was beyond impressed.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the nicest kid in America and his mom and dad, Bob and Kelly Gans, from their home in Maryland.

Ryan simply said, "It was a nice thing to do."

"We're very proud he's a good kid, Ryan's a very good kid," said Ryan's father.

Ryan was blown away by the reaction to his spontaneous act.

"I think thats one of the nicest things I've seen at the ball park all year," said one of the game's commentators.

Ryan also said, "I thought that the most that was gonna happen was that I was gonna be on the jumbotron for like 5 seconds, but it got bigger."

It sure did. The announcers even sent a sideline reporter over to interview Ryan.

Ryan got two baseballs and a goodie bag for his act of chivalry. And what do you think he did? He shared it with his new friend.

The announcers said during his second act of kindness, "He's still handing out gifts!"

We can all learn a thing or two from the nicest kid in America.