Dr. Phil's Advice For Melissa Rivers

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Dr. Phil who offers some advice for Melissa Rivers, saying the toughest days may lie ahead.

Dr. Phil has advice for Joan Rivers’ grieving daughter, Melissa.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “The difficult time for Melissa is actually not going to be so much now, because right now there's such a huge outpouring of love and support for her. The silence is deafening when everything goes back to normal and mom is just not there. That's when it gets really, really tough.”

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Photographers found Melissa trying some retail therapy, shopping in an upscale clothing store on New York’s Madison Avenue. She looked through some racks of pants and blouses accompanied by a personal assistant, but there was no disguising the sadness in her eyes.

There's speculation about the future of Fashion Police, Joan’s signature show on E!

Columnist Cindy Adams of The New York Post reports that even before Joan was taken off life support "another comedienne already pushed for her show...nice right?"

But Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic, returning home from the funeral, said no-one can step into Joan Rivers' shoes, saying, “No-one can replace Joan, that's for sure.”

Dr. Phil's advice for Melissa comes as the 13th season of his top-rated talk show gets under way. On Wednesday’s show, he's got a big scoop interviewing David Barajas, the Texas man recently acquitted of the revenge killing of a drunk driver who mowed down his two sons.