Serena Williams: TV No Show After Partying All Night

After her big victory at the US Open, Serena Williams missed her morning TV appearances. Was the tennis superstar recovering from a night of partying? INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Serena Williams sure knows how to work hard and party hard!

After winning her third consecutive US Open championship, the tennis champ was a no show on the  morning shows the next day.
The Today show said she was, "On her way." They also claimed, "Serena Williams is waking up in very good company this morning and she's going to be joining us later."

But, Serena never showed. Same deal over at Good Morning America who said, "We want to get to Serena Williams, she was going to do this live this morning, she's been a bit delayed."

So, what happened to Serena? According to the New York Post, she was out celebrating until the wee hours. Serena seemed to have taken Caroline Wozniacki up on her center court offer: "You definitely owe drinks later!"

Serena posted images on Instagram of the two partying the night away with musician Joe Jonas, and model of the moment, Gigi Hadid.

After her record making win, who could fault Serena for wanting to celebrate!