Rehab Was No Cure For Cat From Hell

INSIDE EDITION followed up on the cat from Hell who went to rehab for his aggressive behavior. Did it help? Not so much!

A cat viciously attacks a woman, and her husband takes immediate action.

Husband James said, "I can't let the cat keep attacking us."

This cat from Hell is at it again!

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Jim and Teresa Gregory made national news after their cat first attacked back in July.

Kush, a Russian Blue, actually trapped them in their bedroom, and they were compelled to call 911.  

Teresa called 911 saying, "She's got us trapped in our bedroom. We're ripped up, pouring blood. She ripped us up."

James told INSIDE EDITION, "The cat was like it was possessed."

Teresa described the event, "Screaming, like she was fighitng with animal."

After that attack, Kush was put into quarantine and spent two weeks at a local veterinary clinic.

INSIDE EDITION was there when the Gregorys picked up their cat for the first time since the attack, and they sure did look a little apprehensive.

"We're just praying that when we get the cat home she doesn't freak out again," said James.

Veterinarian Melissa Wilson had a little trouble putting Kush inside the carrying case. Melissa commented, "She's a little hostile."

So how will Kush react when she sees her family?

Upon greeting Kush, Teresa said, "Hi baby its ok. Its mom."

Kush appeared mellow as Theresa picked her up. All seemed well as the Gregorys returned to their home in suburban Orlando with their cat in tow.

Teresa noted, "She's purring, so she's happy."
Back in July, Teresa believed the incident that led to the 911 call was caused because Kush was in heat, and a sudden thunderclap might have spooked her.

Jim reenacted what might have spooked Kush by closing a door. When the door closed the noise agitated Kush, and she began to circle Teresa. Then the situation escalated. Tersa tries to calm her.
Suddenly, Kush attacked!

Teresa exclaimed, "Ohh, Here we go. Oh my god she got me. She got me."

Jim kicked Kush into another room and closed the door. Teresa was in pain with blood was dripping from her thumb and heel.

"I hate to kick her like that on national TV," said James. "But, once that cat bites, gets those claws in you, and bites, what you gonna do?"

Cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy is the author of Catification and the host of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell.

Galaxy said, "I'm looking, this cat's gonna blow, that cat's gonna blow. It's really important at those times to step away from the cat.  The worst thing you could ever do is stick your hands in there. You will get torn up."

Jim and Teresa feel they have no choice, but to give Kush up.  

James said, "Very sad. I mean, it's four years."

Sheila Webster heard about the 911 incident and contacted the Gregorys about adopting Kush. She wasn't deterred by Kush's notorious history.

"I wanted her the moment I laid eyes on her," said Sheila.

But, delivering Kush to her new owner wasn't an easy task. Jim had to wear padded gloves.  

Kush had a two hour ride across Florida to her new home in Sarasota where Sheila was waiting.

With the Gregorys gone, Sheila takes Kush out of the cage and it doesn't take long before Kush sinks her teeth into her.

Sheila says she isn't frightened that Kush will attack her like she did the Gregorys, and believes a little quality time will heal all wounds.

"I don't have a doubt in my mind she's gunna have the best home ever," she said.

We shall see.