Controversy Surrounds Lindsay Lohan Jail Sentence

After shocking the world with a graphic message painted on her fingernail in court, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer has reportedly quit, just two days after the star was sentenced to 90 days in jail.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest developments in the s

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer has reportedly quit, two days after the starlet got that harsh sentence, Shawn Chapman Holly is said to have resigned.  Lindsay reportedly replaced her with another woman, Tiffany Feder Cohen, who was admitted to the California Bar Association just 8 months ago.

Lindsay Lohan is finally speaking out about her finger nail f- bomb!

It was a "joke" Lohan wrote on Twitter.  "It had nothing to do w/'s an airbrush design from a stencil."

A new report claims Lindsay went on a bitter tirade after being sentenced to 90 days in jail calling Judge Marsha Revel a "expletive deleted."

Lindsay canceled her 24th birthday party at a Hollywood club last night at the last minute, choosing to stay home.  

Her close friend, Kim Kardashian, was surrounded by paparazzi stopping by to visit Lindsay with a bag of Chinese food for dinner.  

She says she's not worried about Lindsay being behind bars.  "She'll be fine. She's a strong girl," Kardashian said.

Meantime, a just released probation report reveals that Lindsay has been taking five prescription drugs including two anti depressants, Zoloft and Trazodone; the stimulant Adderall; the antacid medicine, Nexium; and a very powerful painkiller called Dilaudid, a drug which has been compared to heroine.

INSIDE EDITION talked to Dr. Charles Sophy who said, "The most lethal of all those five drugs is definitely Dilaudid because it's a high level painkiller, it's very addictive, I'm not even sure why someone her age would even be on it unless she had a chronic illness."

According to the report Lindsay takes Dilaudid by a dentist for "dental pain" stemming from wisdom teeth surgery months ago.

Lindsay Lohan is expected to surrender to authorities on July 20th.