Janay Rice's Message to America – From Her Close Friend

Janay Rice’s close friend Mioshi Johnson shares a message to the nation from Janay with INSIDE EDITION about the shocking video of Ray Rice knocking her unconscious.

Janay Rice has a message to America about the shocking elevator video that has everyone talking.

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney spoke to Mioshi Johnson, a close friend of Janay, who is been speaking with her ever since the surveillance video was released on Monday.

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McInerney asked, "Janay wanted you to come on our show. What is the message she wants to communicate to America?"

Mioshi said, "Let them know that they are hurting our family, they are not helping. If they want to help with domestic violence, if they want to help with working solutions, that is what we are working and healing and trying to do."

McInerney asked, "How is she doing?"

Mioshi replied, "She is hurt. She is hurt for her husband who has worked so hard. She is hurt and embarrassed for her family. Like she said, this happened to them, they live with it everyday. They've grown. They are trying to move forward in every way possible."

Mioshi is the wife of former NFL player Chris Johnson, who was once a teammate of Ray Rice on the Baltimore Ravens.  

McInerney asked, "So, the fact that he punched her, this was completely out of character for him?"

Mioshi said, "That was completely out of character. I am not condoning it. It was brutal. It brought tears to my eyes. She said, 'I won't relive that. It was terrible. It was out of character for both of us that night.'"

Social media is on fire after Janay defending her husband on Instagram, writing: “Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is!”

"Wake up, Janay!" said Wednesday’s New York Post headline, with columnist Andrea Peyser writing, "It's time to get a clue, Janay Palmer Rice. Talk to your girlfriends. Seek professional help. Take karate lessons and hire a fierce divorce lawyer."

Mioshi said, "She is not playing a victim. She said, 'I am the victor because I am going to stand by my husband and show people that if someone makes a mistake it doesn't make them an animal. It doesn't make them a bad person.'"

The shocking video is spurring a national discussion about the widespread problem of domestic abuse.

David Letterman turned serious Tuesday with former NFL star and TV personality Michael Strahan.

Strahan said, “I think it brings a lot of light to domestic violence, not just Ray Rice, but domestic violence as a whole. It is not just a football or player issue, it is an issue, period.”

McInerney asked Mioshi, "Does she forgive him?"

She said, "She does. She said without forgiveness they could never move forward and heal and help someone else."