Game On! Behind the Scenes as Thursday Night Football Kicks Off on CBS

Are you ready for some football?! Thursday Night Football debuts on CBS and INSIDE EDITION was behind the scenes to see how it comes together.

Thursday Night Football makes its big debut on CBS tonight. It's a massive undertaking that's going to look more like the Super Bowl than your typical match-up.

Usually productions of this magnitude are reserved for the playoffs or the Super Bowl but CBS and the NFL Network are bringing you Thursday Night Football in a big way.

It takes a small army to move the show from city to city and all that equipment. It looks like they're a big-budget Hollywood production.

Get a Look Behind the Scenes with INSIDE EDITION

There are two separate sets, one outside the stadium and one on wheels for the pre-game show on the field. It takes 14 giant trucks to transport everything from stadium to stadium.  

Then, there is mission control. It is one of the most technically advanced mobile control rooms in the world. It is the nerve center of technology on game day.

Ken Aagaard, Executive Vice President, Operations, Engineering & Production Services of CBS Sports told INSIDE EDITION, “We're bringing out all the bells and whistles. It's quite an undertaking. We've been working on it a long time. We have a lot of people. We can have 300-350 people traveling every week."

James Brown and Deion Sanders are popular members of the broadcast team.

Sanders expects the Ravens and Steelers match-up to be a great one.

He says, “These cities really hate each other and that is an additive, that is an additive. The players echo that sentiment."

As for Ray Rice, who until his firing earlier this week was a Ravens player, James Brown says it's something you just can't ignore, saying, “Unfortunately, from our perspective cause we would like to focus on the football. We have the overlay of everything that's been happening with respect to the Ray Rice situation. That's part of life so you deal with it, put it in perspective and then, let's get to the game.”