Rachael Ray Helps Michael Strahan's Parents

Rachael Ray is kicking off her ninth season by helping Michael Strahan's family lose weight and feeding the hungry. Rachel shares her plans with INSIDE EDITION.

Michael Strahan is turning to Rachael Ray for help!

His parents Louise and Gene are struggling with their weight and as Ray kicks off season nine of her hit daytime talk show, she's helping the senior Strahans to slim down.

The show will follow the Strahan’s all season long as they embark on a new health and nutrition routine.

Ray asked, “Are you going to buy her a few new outfits?”

He replied, “You lose the 50 pounds, I'll buy you anything you want!”

Ray has another ambitious goal this season which to provide nine million meals to needy people across America.

She said, “The idea of one kid going to bed hungry in America is just wrong. What a great team challenge. Feed nine million people, nine million meals for season nine. It’s such a simple, pure, great message.”

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