She Wanted Beyonce, But Settled For The President

Most kids would be thrilled with a visit from President Obama at their school, but this young lady let her feelings be known that she was really hoping for Beyonce. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

You'd think most kids would be impressed if the President of the United States paid a surprise visit to their school. But not one little cutie.

Madison Lyons spoke out, "I really wanted it to be Beyoncé."

President Barack Obama bantered, "I understand. Malia and Sasha would've felt the same way."

Her name is Madison Lyons and she is a sixth grader at the Inspired Teaching School in Washington, D.C.

When her class was told they would have a surprise guest to help them pack backpacks for homeless kids, her first thought was, "Who could be bigger than Beyoncé?"

INSIDE EDITION asked Lyons, "Would you have been nervous if Beyoncé was there?"

"Yes," she replied.

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Perhaps 11-year-old Lyons should go into politics because she talked her way out of it with the President.

Lyons followed up with Obama, "Then I realized it was going to be you. That's even better."

"Well, I appreciate you saying that in front of the press. Although I know it's not really true," Obama joked.

INSIDE EDITION questioned Lyons, "Were you nervous to meet the President?"

"No," she said.