Fat Shamed Over Wedding Photos And Fighting Back

Galit Breen was a bride would proudly displayed her wedding photos online and got a reaction that left her crying for days. INSIDE EDITION explains.

When a bride posted pictures from her wedding day online, she got a reaction she never expected. Instead of people congratulating her, she was attacked with horrible comments about her weight!

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It was sad. It is a really sad thing to see about yourself."

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It happened when Galit Breen of Minneapolis wrote a blog for The Huffington Post, titled "12 Secrets Happily Married Women Know." She attached some of her favorite pictures from her wedding album in the article.

She was celebrating her 12th wedding anniversary and hoped to pass on some marital wisdom. But instead of focusing on her advice, some readers zeroed in on her appearance and some of the comments were beyond cruel.

One referred to her as a "Heifer.”  

Another wrote, “We get it! Huffnpuff....you love fat women...enough is enough.”

Galit, who also blogs for the website XOJane.com says she cried for days after reading the comments as the happiest moment of her and her husband Jason's life were ruined by mean-spirited internet trolls.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "Jason, what went through your mind when you saw these horrible comments about your wife? How did you feel?"

Jason said, "It was really a sense of helplessness. I take pride in protecting my family and being there for them and when something like that is written, any loving husband is going to feel hurt."

McInerney asked, "This obviously is not okay. This is basically cyber bullying. What is the message you want to send to people?"

Galit replied, "I just don't think we need to be talking about people's bodies in that way. We can all just do better and be kind to each other."