Bodybuilder Remembers Step-mom of Missing Kyron

The case of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman has caught the nation's attention.  INSIDE EDITION talks to a bodybuilder who competed with Terri Horman, Kyron's step-mom who was the last person to see Kryon.  

She's the bodybuilder who stood right next to Kyron Horman's step-mom during a competition in 2005.

Her name is Merry Christine and she gave a performance where she flexed and strutted her stuff in a bikini, just like Terri Horman did when she competed.

Merry Christine says she remembers Terri Horman, because she came to the competition so unprepared.

"The reason that I remembered her was because she was polite and I felt sorry for her.  She was standing next to me prepping, and she was not professional at all.  Whoever was training her did not do a good job.  I felt very sorry for her," said Christine.

Meanwhile, Kyron's step-mother is coming under intense pressure to cooperate with police. 

Her family has turned on her, she's isolated in her home, and Kyron's mom is holding regular press conferences imploring her to talk.

"To Terri, you need to do what is right," said Kyron's mom.

Despite the pressure, former Portland police captain C.W. Jensen tells INSIDE EDITION Terri Horman is not buckling.

Jensen said, "It's like she's got anti-freeze in her veins.  She's continuing on with all these things kind of collapsing around her.   Her husband's moved out.  He's taken their child.  Obviously the community is saying there's something  really weird about this lady.  Her friends are probably moving away, so she's very isolated and there's got to be a ton of pressure on her right now."

As for the woman who stood flexing her muscles next to the embattled step mom, she can't believe this tragic turn of events.

"I feel sad. I don't wish this kind of thing on anybody," said Christine.