Lottery Winning Waitress: "I'm Not Quitting!"

She may have won a multi-million dollar lottery, but this waitress says she isn’t quitting her job. INSIDE EDITION has her story.

Original Airdate: 9/15/14

Remember the movie, It Could Happen to You?, It is about a waitress who wins the lottery.

Well, it really did happen to one waitress. Rhonda Meath just won nearly $12 million.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I do not plan on quitting my job.”

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Despite the fact that she is now a multi-millionaire, 51-year-old she is going to keep waiting tables at the Lake Elmo Inn near Minneapolis.

Rhonda said, “Most people would quit but I just like to work. I like the people here. I like the customers here. I like my co-workers.”

Rhonda says she actually felt guilty about taking the day off work when she and her husband, Joseph, went to collect their $11.7 million check.

The restaurant owner says Rhonda's decision to keep working is blowing customers away, saying, “A couple of old guys couldn't believe she was the million-dollar waitress.”

Meanwhile, during the official announcement of the couple's big win, she asked Joseph, “Does your mom know yet?”

“No,” said Joseph.

INSIDE EDITION was there as his mom found out. The announcement came at her birthday and the family was all gathering to celebrate. Everyone kept the secret.

Joseph pulled out the check and told his mother, "Another reason we called you here was for this."

She replied, "Oh my God!"

Good news for mom, they are buying her a new house. It just goes to show, that it could really happen to you.