Dallas' Hottest Bachelor - Pick Your Favorite

INSIDE EDITION is on the search for the hottest bachelor in Dallas, and we found some pretty hot contenders.

These urban cowboy's are smart, handsome, and incredibly fit.

The guys were all great sports for a photo shoot at Dallas' Ganison Photo Studios.

To get the adrenaline pumping they dropped and gave us 20 push ups.

Twenty-two-year-old Victor Ulloa is a professional soccer player with FC Dallas. Victor's popular with fans. He said, "I'm always happy. I'm always in a good mood. It's rare for me to be in a bad mood. I think they'll like that."

Thirty-year-old Brian Casad is a fitness model and owns a boxing gym. He said, "I'm very loyal. I've never cheated on a girl."

Tim McComsey is a 32-year-old dietician. Tim said, "I'm funny. At least, I think I'm funny."

Twenty-six-year-old Johnathan Haggerty is a free agent in the NFL. His game plan for love? He said, "Raise beautiful kids with a beautiful wife."

Want to fall in love and get in shape too? Twenty-eight-year-old personal trainer James McGowen is your guy.

Geoff Wawro is a fit 53. Geoff is a college professor at the University of North Texas and a TV commentator. What's he looking for in a date? Geoff said, "All the virtues with as few vices as possible."

Twenty-seven-year-old Micah Matthews is an electrical engineer. His blueprint for love doesn't include attitude. "I want a woman, not a child," he said.

At 22, Tanner Childister is an entrepreneur.

One Dallas bachelor is 30-year old Desmond Donahue. He's an actor you may recognize from TV commercials.

Robert Lindsey stays fit playing rugby and a works in sports management.

And fireman Kyle Turner will set your heart on fire. Kyle revealed, "I'm a very, caring, compassionate person."

Kyle is also a daddy.

"It's very important she clicks with her and is accepting of my daughter," said Kyle.

This bachelor is hoping to strum his way into your heart. But 40-year-old country singer Jason Ashley has another talent. "I love to cook," he revealed.

There you have it. The hottest bachelors in Dallas.

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