Is Joan Rivers' Final Recording A Cruel Hoax?

Joan Rivers' reps are denouncing a recording that's being touted as the last audio of Joan Rivers, saying it's a hoax. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was said to be Joan Rivers' last recording in an audiotape that the legendary comedienne supposedly made just before she died.

In the recording, the person coughs, saying, "I told you I didn't feel good, my voice has been bothering me."

Now, the recording is being blasted as a cruel hoax.

The recording was supposedly made as Rivers rehearsed a radio commercial for a friend, comedian Brad Zimmerman, who often opened for Rivers on the road. The ad was to promote his new Off-Broadway show, and starts off, "Hi, I'm Joan Rivers, can we talk? Starting October 10 through New Year's ... I have better things to do on New Year's than this (blank)."

In the recording, "Joan" repeatedly complains about not feeling well, saying, "I feel sick. My voice is bothering me."

Now, Rivers' still grieving spokeswoman tells INSIDE EDITION, "The recording is a fraud. Joan never made any such tape. This is a publicity stunt that was created by Brad Zimmerman and his public relations representative and is wholly disrespectful to the memory of Joan Rivers." [Source: Judy Katz/Katz Public Relations]

INSIDE EDITION asked voice analyst Ed Primeau to compare the two voices. Primeau said, "There's just no way this unknown voice is Joan Rivers."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret sat down with Zimmerman Tuesday and put him on the spot. Zimmerman said, "I haven't heard that tape."

Moret asked, "You didn't make the tape?"

"Me? Absolutely not," proclaimed Zimmerman.

"So, how did the tape get made?" asked Moret.

"I have no idea. I don't know anything about it. Nothing. And, Jim, that's the truth," said Zimmerman.