Time Saving Tricks To Making Your Life Easier

From peeling potatoes to making an emergency candle, INSIDE EDITION has time saving tips that are sure to make your life easier. 

Lifestyle expert, Kris Schoels, showed INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard some creative ways to make everyday tasks easier than you ever imagined.

Woodard prompted, "Ok, peeling potatoes."

Schoels responded, "Monotonous. This takes forever. So I am going to save you some time peeling potatoes."

Woodard, while pealing potatoes, said, “I've cut myself doing that!"

Did you know that boiling the potatoes first and then submerging them in ice water is the secret to quick and easy peeling?

“You take them out of here and you see that the skin literally just slips right off of them,” said Schoels as she demonstrated the method.

We all know how difficult and messy separating an egg yolk from the white can be. But, Schoels has a trick for that too.

“We're gonna crack the egg onto a plate. We're going to take that water bottle here and you're going to squeeze the water bottle and squeeze the yolk into the bottle,” explained Schoels.

April, shocked, said, “Oh My gosh! Perfect. That's awesome!”


Stuck in a blackout without any candles? No need to panic if you've got a can of tuna packed in oil. That's right, tuna! Using a screwdriver, just poke a hole in the top of the can and push some string into it.

“This is only, again, in an emergency situation when you really a candle. So then you cut the top off,  light the top, and there you go,” said Schoels.

Storing open bags of rice and beans can be tricky. Schoels has the answer for that as well.

“How many times do you have things spilling? Beans, rice, all over the place! I'm going to show you the easiest way to store these," said Schoels.

If you cut the top off a plastic water bottle: "Then you just thread the bag through. like this. You fold the bag over the top, screw the top right back on, and then you've got these nice storage bags. But, what you can also do with this, when you want to use it, you've actually got a nice spout to pour it out.” concluded Schoels.

April responded, “That's awesome!”

What about when you have two plates of food that won't fit side-by-side in the microwave?

Schoels said, “I'm going to put this plate down, then I'm going to take the mug from you, set it in here. And you've actually created two different levels and it'll spin no problem," demonstrated Schoels.

Woodard said excitedly, “Excellent, and you can put coffee in there and you have a three-for-one!”

”Exactly, a triple threat,” replied Schoels.

These tips we can all use to simplify our lives!

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