Who Is Houston's Hottest Bachelor?

INSIDE EDITION is on the search for the hottest bachelor in Houston and we found some pretty hot contenders.

Houston’s hottest bachelors posed for photographer Julie Soefer at the Houstonian Hotel and Spa. 

Don Vaughn is a true Renaissance Man. When the 27-year-old is not studying on his PhD in neuroscience, he's working on his music.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I'm really passionate about everything that I do.”

Twenty-four-year-old Asai Adame works for his family business.

Lawrence Clayton is 40. He's a crude oil trader. He said, “I'm a smart guy. You have to be able to challenge me.”

Forty-seven-year-old Nick Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist at the Houston Chronicle.  He said, “Low drama is a good thing. I am a little too old for drama these days."

The Cohen brothers, Jason and Eric B., help run their family's furniture business. Jason, 27, told INSIDE EDITION, what he's looking for in a woman. “Someone who can be there for the good and the bad, because that's the way life is. It is bittersweet,” he said.  

His younger brother, Eric is also an aspiring rapper. In a rap he said, “I make this room glisten with the music that you listen.”

Thirty-one-year-old Jason LaCarter is in sales.  

Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Jones serves his country with honor as a pilot in the Air Force.

Clark Shao is a 31-year-old personal trainer. He said, “When I’m not training people, I do like to travel. I like to see new places.”  

One bachelor has a voice well-known in Houston, “Sky Mike" Valdez. He is a radio DJ.

So there you have it, the hottest bachelor's in Houston!