Exclusive: Nanny From Hell Reveals Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the woman known as the "Nanny from Hell" who is now in a personal Hell of her own.

She’s known as the “Nanny from Hell” because she refused to leave after being fired. Now, Diane Stretton is revealing that she is in a Hell of her own.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I have metastasised colon cancer.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked, “When did you find out that you have cancer?”

“The day before my 65th birthday,” she said.

Stretton got her “Nanny from Hell” nickname after a California couple, Marcella and Ralph Bracamante, said she refused to move out even after they had fired her.

Stretton says she got the grim cancer diagnosis when she went to the emergency room two weeks ago with abdominal pain.

She showed Moret her medical records that seem to confirm the diagnosis.

Last week, Stretton went on the Dr. Phil show where she had a tense confrontation with the Bracamante's.

Marcella said on the show, "If you had just done the bare minimum, you would still have a place above your head."

Stretton said, "I did do way beyond the bare minimum."

Stretton’s sister also appeared on the show and it wasn't pretty, she said, "It has been horrible to watch your actions. It is time for you to stop!"

In June, the Bracamante’s finally got back legal possession of the nanny's room. Stretton’s possessions were put in storage.

So, where is the former nanny living now? In her car.

Moret asked, "Where do you shower?"

She replied, "There are churches, you can't get a shower everyday."

Moret asked, “Do you think you can you get through this challenge?”

She said, “I think it is going to be a lot more difficult living in the car.”

Moret asked, “You'll have to get chemo, then recuperate living in your car? How will you do that?”

“I guess I am going to find out,” she answered.