Dog Clings to Life After Suspect Runs Over Him in Police Chase

A high speed police chase was caught on tape and ended with the suspect hitting a small dog. Now, everyone is hoping the pooch pulls through. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a wild police chase in Los Angeles, as the driver of a stolen van put the pedal to the metal despite two flat tires. A helicopter reporter could barely believe his eyes as the sparks flew.

The helicopter reporter said, "Oh, there we go!"

Moments later, the van hit a dog—a little white Maltese mix named Gordo that was brutally run over.

Miraculously, cameras captured the entire dramatic scenario as the wounded dog actually found his way home.  

Gordo's tearful owner then rushed him to a veterinary hospital and handed him over and the race was on to save the little pooch's life.

Dr. Kim Carey of City of Angeles Veterinary Hospital told INSIDE EDITION, "He is unbelievably lucky." 

Gordo may lose a leg, but doctors are cautiously optimistic, saying, "I suspect that we can salvage the limb and get him back to pretty good function."

Gordo’s plight is touching hearts across America, as the Twittersphere exploded with sympathetic messages.

One person tweeted: "Gordo lives! Yay! #savethewhitedog"

Other tweets were: "I hope Gordo makes a full recovery! #savethewhitedog" and "Tough little guy! #savethewhitedog"

As for that stolen white van, it was brought to a halt shortly after running over Gordo.

Cops surrounded the van at which point the helicopter reporter voices a concern shared by millions, "I know it sounds almost silly, but I hope that dog is okay."

A man and a woman were inside the van that struck the dog. They were arrested at the scene.