Adorable 'Curly Sue' Child Star Spiraled Into Alcoholism When Spotlight Faded

When the spotlight faded for Curly Sue child star Alisan Porter, dark times took over. Now, she’s telling her story to INSIDE EDITION.

In the early 90's, America fell in love with the adorable, curly haired actress starring alongside Jim Belushi in the film Curly Sue.

Now, Alisan Porter is revealing a dark secret.

The former child star, now a 33-year-old mom, says she spent more than a decade addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“I did cocaine, I smoked pot, I drank, I took whatever pill people were taking at the time,” said Porter.

Her career in show biz started when she was five, in TV commercials. Furthermore, she blew away the judges on the talent show Star Search.

Then, the movie roles started pouring in.

First, Parenthood with Steve Martin when she was eight, followed by her biggest role yet; the lead-named character in Curly Sue.

But, like a lot of child actors, when the spotlight started dimming, she tried to fill the void with pot and booze.

"Where is that adoration? Where is that love? And how can I feel that again?," said Porter.

By 18, she was partying everyday and squandered much of the money she'd earned as a child star.

"For a good little alcoholic, drug addict like me it was a candy shop," commented Porter.

Porter has been clean and sober for almost seven years.

She's happily married, and has a popular blog, The Lil Mamas, on which she made her revelations about being a recovering alcoholic.

Porter offers this stern warning: “Be careful of the seduction of what it means to be successful.”