Bachelorettes Found Alive Days After Hurricane Odile

A bachelorette weekend turned into a nightmare when Hurricane Odile hit Cabo San Lucas. After days of no one knowing if they were dead or alive, they’ve turned up safe. INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

A dramatic phone call, caught on camera by INSIDE EDITION, brings news that a bride is alive after vanishing without a trace during a bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Hurricane Odile swept through the Mexican resort town, destroying hotels and leaving tens of thousands of tourists stranded in overcrowded shelters.

They were missing for four days, with no way to call home.

One passerby in Cabo said, “Cabo's destroyed! Completely destroyed!”

The airport in Cabo was put out of action.

There was looting, lawlessness, and no word of the fate of the bridal party.

Lou Cook, the mother of bridesmaid Crystal Sumpter and Crystal's husband, was distraught. She said, “We have not heard nothing. I've tried the Red Cross. I've tried the consulates. The State Department hung up on me today.”

Back in Cabo, the Mexican air force began airlifting Americans out of the shattered town.

But there was still no word from Crystal and her friends until the moment TV cameras rolled.

Crystal's husband answered a phone call saying, “Baby, where are you?”

“We're landing right now," answered Crystal on the other end of the phone.

“You are landing where?” Asked her husband.

“In San Diego,” she replied.

“You're landing in San Diego right now? Whoo! Oh my God we love you, we miss you,” exclaimed the husband.

The wedding is in two months time and the honeymoon probably won't be in Cabo. Meanwhile, the husband was just happy to hear the words, “Honey, I'm home.”