Under Siege - Joan Rivers' Doctor Facing Firestorm

Dr. Gwen Korovin is under siege after a report surfaced that she's the doctor who took a selfie with Joan Rivers while she was unconscious, moments before she stopped breathing. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The doctor accused of taking a selfie with Joan Rivers just moments before she stopped breathing faces tough questions.

Throat specialist Gwen Korovin reportedly went with Rivers to the private clinic where she had her final fatal medical procedure. Dr. Korovin allegedly snapped a selfie while Rivers was under sedation—a big no-no.

A reporter asked Dr. Korovin on the street, "Is it true you took a selfie?" Dr. Korovin remained silent.

Medical ethicist Michael Gusmano says if the doctor really did take a selfie she could face fines and possible disciplinary action.

Gusmano said, "This is a clear violation of medical ethics. Just taking a selfie for no medical benefit is not something that's allowed."

Korovin is known as the ear, nose, and throat specialist to the stars. Her patients include Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

A photo on her Facebook page is this photo of her with pictures of Hugh Jackman, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and actor Sean Hayes.

The doctor was featured treating singer Celine Dion in a documentary. Dion was so grateful to Korovin that she thanked her at the 1999 Grammy's for saving her voice, and her career.

Today, talk show host Wendy Williams revealed that she was a celebrity patient. Williams showed a video clip of her visit to Dr. Korovin and told her audience, "She treated me! Here I go. I'm going to visit her. There she is. That's her! I had a throat infection and a little nodule. But she didn't have to operate, thank God!

Dr. Korovin's attorney told INSIDE EDITION in a statement that she "...is highly experienced (and) board certified. She is respected and admired by her peers in the medical community and she is revered by her patients."