iPhone 6 Release Sparks Worldwide Frenzy

iPhone fever has spread around the world as customers wait to get their hands on Apple's latest device. INSIDE EDITION reports on the global frenzy.

It's iPhone fever!

There was a frenzied scene at an Apple store outside Los Angeles as the iPhone 6 finally went on sale on Friday.

Across the country in New York, thousands of people waited in front of the Apple store to get their hands on the latest version of the phone.

The scene at the flagship Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan had 5,000 iFanatics in front that formed a line that went on and on for 12 blocks. 

Customers like Moon and Jason Ray waited for 19 days.

Moon told INSIDE EDITION, "It was emotional. So much relief knowing that we have a nice hotel room waiting for us. We are about to hail a taxi, we are going to be there and just to know that we are going to have some privacy."

The mania was worldwide. When the very first customer got an iPhone in Australia, he eagerly opened the box and dropped the device. Luckily, it was not iDamaged.

There was drama in Paris when witnesses say a guy had to be wrestled to the ground after getting into it with security staff overwhelmed by the crowds.

At a shopping mall in Brea, California, there was total chaos in the pre-dawn darkness. A young woman says she lost her flip-flop in the stampede.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "People were just in a frenzy. People fell down the stairs and were getting pushed. It was just a mess."

As day broke, cops  took over crowd control and were allowing small number of customers in at a time.