Kate Gosselin On Life, Family, and That Bikini Body

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Kate Gosselin to set the record straight on the buzz that she will be on the next Celebrity Apprentice.  

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander sat down exclusively with Kate Gosselin.

Alexander asked, "Are you going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice?"

It's what everyone's been wondering about since Kate Gosselin was photographed with Donald Trump in New York.

"I meet Donald, and now I'm on Celebrity Apprentice, no, now I'm doing this," Gosselin quickly answered.

Kate is promoting her new show, Kate Plus Eight.

That means no sign of ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, who's been showing off a giant dragon tattoo on his back.

Alexander:  "What do you think of Jon's new tattoo?"

Gosselin: "I've seen a picture of it, I don't really care."

Alexander: "And have you met his latest girlfriend?"

Gosselin: "I have not."

Alexander: "Have the kids?"

Gosselin: "They have.  They have survived all of that really well.  They have done an amazing job, I think they're really resilient and forgiving and loving and I'm really proud of them."

Now the single mom's dating life is the subject of mass speculation.

Alexander: "What do you do when your kids go to the supermarket and see this [OK! magazine]."

Gosselin: "Well, first of all, it's not true."

Alexander: "How is dating life?"

Gosselin "There isn't one. I'm focusing really on my kids and on my career.  I don't want to be alone but I'm not convinced that anything beyond that will ever happen."

Kate's chic haircut isn't the only new thing about the reality star these days.  Check out her bikini body!  No doubt all that dancing did her good.

Alexander:  "How do you look so great?"

Gosselin: "I run five miles five days a week.  I use a little eye cream here and there, no botox!"

The kids accompanied their mom to New York, where they went sight-seeing on Ellis Island. Kate's also shooting her own reality show, without the kids, called Twist of Kate.

Alexander: "Why did you decide to do this particular show?"

Gosselin: "My kids are going to be in school full time. I don't want to be in a house all by myself while eight kids are at school all day every day it's kind of scary. I need to occupy myself!"

Kate Plus Eight airs Sunday on TLC.