Family Takes On Life With No Arms

INSIDE EDITION spoke to one mother and son who try to live life like everyone else despite have no arms.

A mother and her son were both born without arms and show the indomitable strength of the human spirit.
Somehow they are able to get through life, opening doors, unscrewing bottle tops, and of course eating.  

Linda Bannon was born with a rare condition called Holt-Oram Syndrome. Her arms failed to develop.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “If you can’t do it the way everyone else does it, figure it out.”

Linda's husband, Rick said, “I thought she was a wonderful person and I was very much attracted to her personality.”  

And ever since they married, ten years ago, Linda wanted to be a mom. It was 50/50 that her child would be born with the syndrome. Their nine-year-old son, Timmy was born without arms.

Timmy is learning to be independent, and helps himself to a glass of water while mom prepares a snack. She grips a heavy cooking skillet with her toes and adjusted the heat, even flipped a tortilla all with her feet.

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Rick and Linda want to give their son as normal a childhood as possible. 

“My mom teaches me a lot of stuff because we have the same condition,” said Timmy.

One of the toughest life lessons this suburban Chicago mother and son say they share is the unwanted stares, especially when going out to eat.

She said, “I definitely know when people are watching me.”

They nimbly pick up their forks and eat with their feet. Sometimes, Linda admits, it does feel uncomfortable, knowing everyone is looking at her.

They may not be able to wrap their arms around each other, but mother and son share a special loving relationship that only a shared affliction can bring.