Never-Before-Seen Video of Suspect In State Trooper Killing

The search continues for a suspected State Trooper sniper, and authorities are searching or clues in a never-before-seen documentary. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

Suspected cop killer Eric Frein is in a never-before-seen Vietnam war reenactment film.

The survivalist has been on the run since September 12th when he allegedly ambushed two Pennsylvania State Troopers. One of the troopers died of his wounds and was buried this week.

The massive manhunt for the 31-year-old shooting suspect is focused on the woods near the Pocono Mountains.

In a chilling clip from the documentary recorded four years ago, Frein is interviewed about a war mission he reenacted in the same woods where he's now believed to be hiding. 

In the clip Frein says, "We had to find them. I mean we walked around for two days straight. We never did find them. They found us a few times. I had one of these rifles and 200 rounds of ammunition. I fired 15 rounds the whole time, the whole two days, that was it."

Police believe the heavily-armed suspect knows these woods like the back of his hand.

The director of the documentary titled Vietnam Appreciation Day says Frein didn't get along well with the other re-enactors featured in the film. In it, Frein states his purpose for taking part in the project, saying, "It's about teaching the public and showing the equipment that was used and talking about the history of it all."

Police say Frein is a "sharpshooter" with "a grudge against police" and has been planning the attack and his escape for months but police say they are closing in.

An officer said, "I want you to know one thing, Eric: we are coming for you."