iPhone 6 Owners Bent Out Of Shape

Some owners of the new iPhone 6 Plus are complaining that the device bends if you keep it in your pocket. INSIDE EDITION explains.

The new iPhone is getting a lot of consumers bent out of shape—literally.

Tech expert Jessica Naziri told INSIDE EDITION, "A lot of people have been saying, 'My iPhone 6 has been bending.'"

People are complaining that the iPhone 6 Plus, that's the bigger version of the new phone, can bend just by keeping it in your pocket.

The owner of one iPhone 6 Plus says he kept it in the front pocket of his pants and it still bent.

How could this be happening? The new iPhones are made from thin aluminum. The weak spot is found in the area around the volume buttons.

One guy posted a sarcastic rant on YouTube, saying owners should be smart enough to handle the super-thin phones a little more carefully, saying, “Get bigger pants.”

A wild rumor is making the rounds that you can charge an iPhone in a microwave oven.

The rumors got so bad the LAPD issued an official warning: “This is a hoax. Don't be fooled into microwaving your iPhone 6."

What happens if you put an iPhone in a microwave oven? It fries, of course, but hey, it really is the hot new thing!

So far, Apple has not responded to the complaints which is being referred to on social media by #bentgate.