Will DiCaprio Bail Out of Mel Gibson's Film?

Mel Gibson is now under investigation for alleged domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, allegations that he denies. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly considering bailing out of his starring role in Gibson's next film.  INSIDE E

The Hollywood backlash over Mel Gibson's latest profanity-laced tirade has begun.

Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be considering pulling out of a deal to star in Gibson's next movie, an epic about the Vikings.

As scandal swirls around him, the embattled 54-year-old Oscar® winner is reportedly texting pals, "any messages of support gratefully received."

Gibson could face serious criminal charges. He's under investigation for domestic violence.

Spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office Steve Whitmore said, "When the investigation is completed we will then turn it over to the district attorney for their consideration."

His former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, filed a formal complaint with the Malibu sheriff's station this week, claiming Gibson hit her during an argument last January.  But Gibson may be striking back.  He denies hitting her and a published report says he will file a complaint alleging Oksana tried to extort him.

"We will go wherever the evidence leads us and we will attempt to talk to everybody involved in this situation," said Whitmore.

40-year-old Oksana reportedly wore earrings with a hidden microphone to tape Gibson's latest rant.  He is said to have admitted hitting Oksana, telling her, "You know what? You (expletive deleted) deserved it."