Bald Joan Lunden Faces Cancer Battle: The Shocking 'People' Magazine Cover

Joan Lunden graces the latest issue of People magazine to proudly show off her new bald and beautiful look as she undergoes breast cancer treatment. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Joan Lunden is bald and beautiful on the cover of People magazine.

People magazine Executive Editor Kate Coyne told INSIDE EDITION, "This week's cover with Joan Lunden is one of the most striking and inspiring covers we have ever done."

The 64-year-old former Good Morning America host spoke with the Today show on Wednesday morning by phone, just a day after undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Matt Lauer asked, "Joan, good morning, how are you doing?"

"Hi Matt! I'm doing very well, thank you," she said.

Joan, a mother of seven, revealed she had cancer on live TV to Good Morning America's Robin Roberts just three months ago.

Robin Roberts then asked her, "What do you want to share with the people?"

Joan replied, "I've heard those words every woman fears and never wants to hear, 'You have breast cancer.' You almost feel what did I do wrong?"

Knowing she'd lose her hair to chemotherapy, Joan decided to shave her head. She agonized over the decision to appear on the cover of People.

Joan told the Today show, "As a parent, I worried about what my kids would think. But I knew it was the right decision. I could be a voice for a quarter of a million women diagnosed every year with breast cancer.”

Coyne told INSIDE EDITION, "It is bold, it is beautiful, and yes, she is bald."