Palin 'Brawl' Witness Says He Was Fired For Revealing Details Of Fight

Eric Thompson says he was fired from his job after saying he witnessed Sarah Palin's family in a brawl. INSIDE EDITION reports.

You've never seen someone asking for a job like this.

Eric Thompson posted a video online saying, "Now I don't have a job and I could use a job."

Thompson posted the video after he says he was fired for speaking out about that bizarre brawl involving Sarah Palin's family. He holds up a sign that reads: "Won't work 4 Palin."

"I was fired from my job for telling the truth about the Palin brawl," says Thompson.

Thompson told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "All I said was the truth. I didn't make that up. I mean, how could you make that up?"

Thompson was at a house party in Anchorage earlier this month when fists started flying.

Then, he went on Good Morning America to tell what he'd seen, claiming that Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, has a mean right hook.

He said, "She reached way back here and caught him right in the chin, like, I counted at least six times. It was like we were just on a Jerry Springer episode."

He says an hour after that appearance his boss, the owner of a paving company, called to tell him, 'You're fired!'

"The fact that all I did was tell the truth about what I saw shouldn't have ever gotten me fired," said Thompson.

Thompson is now taking his job search to the internet. He's also asking for money, saying, "Until I get a job I could use a hand."

Trent said, "You're actually collecting money. You've collected over $9,000 correct?"

"The message wasn't 'give me money.' The message was 'I need a job and, in the meantime, I could use some help.' "

Earlier this week, the former vice presidential candidate defended her daughter on Facebook.

"I love my Bristol! My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you'll ever meet,"  she wrote.