24-Hour Breast Implants - They Last Just A Day

INSIDE EDITION reports on a 24-hour breast enlargement procedure that some women are turning to before deciding on permanent implants, or just for a special event.

It's called the Instabreast.

Women looking for a bigger bust can now go up a full cup size.

New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe told INSIDE EDITION, "The effect is pretty much instantaneous."

Just one catch: it lasts just 24 hours.

Katie has a big date, her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, and she's got a big surprise.

Dr. Rowe says women like Katie come in when they have a special event where they want to look great. But most other patients come in when they just want to try out what they'll look like with permanent implants.

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Dr. Rowe said, "It kind of started as a technique where I could show patients who were interested in breast augmentation what they may look like with an implant."

Dr. Rowe explained how it works, saying, "I use a needle and I inject the saline into the breast, and that is it. Over the coarse of 24 hours you'll slowly see the breast deflate and go back to the size and shape that it was before the procedure."

Kali Goodwin was intrigued, saying, "If I don't love them I'll wake up the next day and they'll be back to my normal self."

It didn't take long. An injection of a bag of saline and less than half-an-hour later, voila!

Goodwin said, "They are exactly what I wanted. They're so much fuller on top. They're a full cup size bigger. If this is what it looks like when you get actual implants then I'm definitely sold."