One Gorgeous Ice Road Trucker

She may look like a model on the cover of a magazine, but Lisa Kelly is the breakout star of the hit show Ice Road Truckers. INSIDE EDITION has the story of the gorgeous trucker.  

She looks like a fashion model!  Lisa Kelly would fit in nicely on the runway or on a magazine cover.

But Kelly is no pampered princess, she's a trucker on Alaska's treacherous ice roads, one of the toughest, most dangerous jobs in America.

She's the breakout star on this season of the hit show, Ice Road Truckers which airs Sundays on the History Channel.

Lisa makes 900 mile runs on the notorious ice roads, highways laid out across frozen lakes.  The truckers must keep their rigs moving at all times or risk breaking through the ice.

"I've always been a tomboy my whole life," Kelly said.

Out on the road, Lisa sleeps in her truck!

Kelly said, "It's comfortable to me!"

And when another trucker slides off the road, Lisa's right there to help out with a tow.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Kelly at her home in Wasila, Alaska.  In fact, She doesn't live far from Sarah Palin's lakeside house.

"She's a good representative of what Alaska women are like. You know, we get out there and get it done," Kelly said about Palin.

When she's not driving trucks, Lisa races motorbikes. She's one tough beauty!

"I'm just one of the guys. That's what I wanna be!" she told INSIDE EDITION.