'Deerly' Beloved. Wedding Photo Gets Fairy Tale Surprise

INSIDE EDITION spoke to one newlywed couple whose wedding photos have gone viral thanks to a few uninvited guests.

Original Airdate: 09/25/2014

A bride and groom posed for a photo at the edge of the woods, and suddenly it turned into a scene from a Disney movie. Out of nowhere, a few unexpected guests appeared—a herd of deer.

Erick and Lauren Fix were married on a family farm in Stockton, New Jersey. Now, the magical photo of the newlyweds has gone viral with more than four million views.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the couple on their honeymoon on Martha's Vineyard.

She said, "I felt like a fairytale princess with Prince Charming and the deer. It was so perfect!"

Photographer Ian Christmann captured the fairytale moment. He says he watched in amazement as the entire herd just stood still as if they wanted to be part of the wedding."

He told INSIDE EDITION, “They were all jittery, so they were running around very jittery like, we weren't sure if they were going to stay, but for some reason, they all just stopped and looked.”

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This is not the first time Mother Nature created magical moments for a bride and groom.
One couple's wedding day pictures were taken in front of a raging wildfire in Oregon.  

And Juno, the Beluga Whale joyfully photobombed a Connecticut couple's wedding photos taken at an aquarium.  

But for Erick and Lauren, this once in a lifetime photo is one they are sure to fawn over for years to come. 

Erick said, "It is nice to be able to share a moment with everyone you have ever known that easily."

Lauren said, "It was a neat, neat photo. Apparently, people love looking at it. I think that is awesome."